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Indoor/Outdoor airMAX® CPE
Models: locoM2,  locoM5 , locoM9, NSM2, NSM3, NSM365, NSM5

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  • 5.8GHz
  • Doble


Indoor/Outdoor airMAX® CPE
Featuring a panel antenna and dual-polarity performance, the NanoStation®M is ideal for Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP) applications requiring high-performance CPE devices with a sleek form factor.

Models: locoM2,  locoM5 , locoM9, NSM2, NSM3, NSM365, NSM5

Compact CPE Design

The NanoStation®M features the CPE design that expanded the global Wireless ISP industry.

Advanced Software Technology

Ubiquiti’s airMAX® technology is proven in millions of deployments worldwide, exhibiting outstanding performance in outdoor environments. The TDMA airMAX protocol enables unprecedented scalability, high throughput and low latency in unlicensed, multipoint networks.

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